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In Honor of 2018 National Nanny Recognition Week (September 23-29th), Otiz Keepers has come up with a list of ways you can make your nanny feel appreciated!

Nannies have a heart of gold and spend their days shaping the hearts and minds of the little charges in their life.
National Nanny Recognition Week is a time to celebrate the wonderful work they do and the difference they make in the lives of the children they care for and the families they serve. It is a time for families to show their nannies just how much they appreciate her and the contribution they make to the family.

Simple ‘thanks’ can go a long way in reminding them that all the big and small things they do each day are noticed and appreciated! Here is a list of ways you can make your Nanny feel Appreciated.

1. Say thank you verbally or in a note.
2. Give them an afternoon or an entire day surprise off or still, an extra few days off to spend time with their families.
3. Give them a warm hug
4. Gift them something they can use to ease their work.
5. Surprise your nanny with a few of their favorite things
6. Pamper her with a beautiful hair do with some pedicure to go with it.
7. Make something special, have your fashion designer design a beautiful dress for her.
8. Tell friends and close relatives about their great work, so that the information gets back to your nanny.
9. Ask them of their best meal and have it prepared as dinner for everyone in your home in their honor
10. Help towards tuition fees, if they are studying whilst working as nannies, up-skill them by gifting a nanny training course
11. Surprise them with a nice bottle of wine
12. Take them out for dinner or lunch or give them some money to go out for dinner
13. Offer a pay rise, and / or a bonus for staying with you
14. Buy them a ticket to go watch a movie at the cinema
15. Give your nanny a gift card for your favorite shop
16. Give them a chance to have an education or to learn a skill for empowerment.

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