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Most businesses are built around products or services. It is the rare few that are built around vision and passion.

I established otiz keepers in 2012 as an answer to a call, a yearn to provide high calibre staff to private households and estates, corporate, private and family offices, businesses, companies, events and organizations.

Having worked as an executive in a multicultural environment, being a manager, a professional, a career wife and mother, I do not only understand the rudiments of Human Resource, I am also aware of the demands of the working class families.

Ngozichukwu Etuk

Ngozichukwu Etuk


I understand the succinct needs of career parents and high profile homes and we have become a trusted resource for not only corporate and business talent solutions but also a go-to place for nannies, chefs, PAs, housekeepers, elderly caregivers, and different other cadre of household staff. We pride ourselves as your HR hub from domestics to corporations.

We deploy all possible resource to seek out candidates with the right qualification, disposition and experience. We also train all our staff. Our hearts beat for efficiency, professionalism, excellent attitudes and the go-getter spirit.

For me, it is not about placement fees; it is not about searching databases or talking to candidates. It is about learning who my clients are and translating that knowledge into actions relative to finding the right staff member to meet their unique needs.

This is my passion. It is what drives me every day. I am totally committed to providing the best possible service and building long-term relationships with clients and candidates against the backdrop of discretion, dependence, trust and loyalty.

I am Ngozichukwu Etuk and together with my team, we provide the personal service, the understanding, the care and service that you need. WELCOME TO OTIZ EEPERS!


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